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IT Infrastructure


Your Information Technology is a tool that is intended to support your business.  It should not distract you from your business goals and objectives.


Right Sizing

Determining what you need and how much is required to meet your business goals

Requirements Analysis

Selection of appropriate software/hardware

Security review


Management of the changes to your IT infrastructure to minimize any disruption to your normal operations 

Project planning and management

Integration with existing IT structure

New installation  and upgrade implementation

Process and Methodology

Process is Paramount.  The consistent application of recognized standards, methodology and processes can make the difference between success and struggling continually to get it right.  Competent training effectively delivered can make a real difference.  Click here for a more detailed brochure of our training services.



Ensuring the smooth operation and maximizing the results of your IT infrastructure

On-going Maintenance Support

Technical support

User Support

User Training



The building blocks of your infrastructure form the foundation.

In-house or Hosted servers

email server 

web server

file server

fax server

print server

LAN / WAN (multiple offices, HK/China)

Business Telephone 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 


VPN for secure remote access


Providing applications expertise to meet the unique requirements of your business or helping you to gain a competitive edge through your information management

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Contact Management (CM)

Knowledge Management (KM)

e-Business (Products and Services website with ordering)

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Call Center 


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