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"First Person Presence"

                     Acting on your behalf in Asia/Pacific


How can Above Limited help your company?

- Gather up-to-the-minute market intelligence on the ground in Asia

- Effectively bridge the cultural differences between you and your prospect/client

- Provide contacts in the region
- Localization of your message and/or products
- Provide local support
- Technical and Management Expertise
- Develop and execute market/sales campaigns to introduce your company and products to the market
- Quick response to enquiries from prospects and/or customers
- Target suspects, identify prospects, qualify opportunities

- Do they have money?
- Is there support from the decision makers ?
- Are they only interested in being educated?

- You send resources when the stage is set and there is a good reason to expect success

- Provide local marketing, sales, pre-sales support and post-sales support
- Provide project management / coordination
- Provide account management for pre-sales and/or  post-sales
- Train and/or manage local resources for ongoing support

All these services are aimed at saving you cost by reducing travel from the home office and maximizing the effectiveness of travel from the home office by preparing the way, reducing the culture and market learning curve, providing you a responsive local contact for your prospects/clients.

In the near-term travel is both expensive and difficult to justify. In the longer-term there is expected to be an upward trend in travel costs, political uncertainly and risks related to health and safety.

These issues are addressed by the First Person Presence services offered by Above Limited. If you have a product or service that merits introduction in Asia/Pacific then contact us with your requirements and see how we can help you make the move in to this market.

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