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Business Communications

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"Helping to convey a high impact, effective and professional message that meets or exceed your target audiences expectations"

The written word…

Proposal writing, editing or rewrite

Generation, editing or rewrite of material (English and Chinese) for external communications


Presentation packages


Press Releases



Printed material production services including printing and distribution

The spoken word…

Presenter (native English or Chinese speakers)


English and Chinese presentations

Facilities booking

Organization and coordination

Training in English or Mandarin by native speakers

Internet Services

Website hosting, creation and ongoing updates

Email newsletter creation and distribution

Mailing List Services

Identification of candidates

creation and maintenance of mailing list databases

mail distribution either white mail or email.

Business Development

Development of Business Plans


First Person Presence

Local presence or representation for overseas companies on a retainer or as required basis

First person visit to potential customers for presentation of your company and/or products

Local point of contact for inquires

Local account management for existing customers

Development of localized material for presentation to the local market


Information Collection Services based on specified requirements.

Competitor analysis

Product information

Market survey

Resources or services identification


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