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Alder Wong

Associate - Principal Consultant



Mr. Wong has over nine years of experience in the Insurance industry in Hong Kong.  He has extensive experience in workflow implementations that have resulted in significant operational savings.  He is experienced in all phases of workflow improvements, starting with the study and recommendation and following through as project manager for the design and implementation. He is quite effective at the interface between the management / users and the technical team. 

Additionally, he is experienced with the implementation in areas involving documents imaging / capture, interactive voice response, web enabled applications as well as e-business and mobile services.

 Work Experience:

ü      American International Assurance: Assistant Manager, Operations Improvement

ü      CEF Life Insurance: Assistant Manager, Management Systems

ü      HSBC Insurance:  Business System Analyst

ü      Manulife Insurance: Project Department

ü      Prudential Assurance:  Business Analyst

ü      Jardine CMG Life Assurance:  Actuarial Assistant


Life Insurance

·           Migration from policy oriented service to customer oriented service.

·           Restructure, retrain and reallocate of human resources.

·           Various efficiency and effectiveness improvement projects. 



Group Life & Health Insurance

·           Migration from departmental operations to “one stop service” operations to provide better service to clients.

·           Various efficiency and effectiveness improvement projects.


General Insurance, Pension & MPF

·           Merging 7 companies into one.

·           Migration backend processing from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

·           Various efficiency and effectiveness improvement projects.

·           Design back end underwriting products.

·           Customer hotline design and maintenances.


Life Operations

·           Setup Service Excellence project and Quality Ambassador Team to promote staff of all levels to seek service improvement opportunities.



·           Reduce turnaround time by 4 working days.        



·           Reduce turnaround time by 3 working days.



·           Claims cheque and correspondence automation

·           Reduce turnaround time by 2 working days.


Customer Service

·           Design and implement service blue print

·           Setting up of complaint handling procedures .


Management Support

·           Business Plan, Marketing research, Data Mining, Cost Benefit Analysis

·           Proposals


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