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Our Mission

Above Limited was started to address a need in the market for professional services to help companies and individuals to successfully compete in this very difficult time.  


The world today is changing…

Increased competition is driving the need to better differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Smaller capital budgets are increasing the focus on price resulting in the need to reduce cost to stay competitive.

Are you spending time and key resources to get the financial and accounting information you need to make the necessary decisions?  Focus on your business area and outsource those functions that lay outside of your primary business.     

Are you paying for a full time resource to get part time expertise?  You could benefit from consulting expertise on demand which costs you only when you use it.  No overhead cost to recruit and maintain a full time resource when you only utilize the specialized knowledge part time. 

Does your presentation to the market presently address ROI and your value proposition? Focus your message on the market place concerns to ensure that it is on target and effective.   Return on Investment and value for money are heard more often all the time. 

Do your business communications (proposals, presentation, brochures, user documentation, website) meet or exceed the expectation of your market?  Do your standards exceed those of your competitors?

Does your message to the market clearly answer the concerns of your target customers, present your strengths effectively and obviously differentiate you from your competitors?

Does your current business strategy effectively address the current economic conditions in your market?  The game has changed, has your approach?

Who is Above Limited

 Above Limited has a primary goal of assisting our clients to stand above their competition and effectively capture business in the new realities of today’s economy and markets.  We provide business consulting services in the areas of Finance and accounting, Business Communications and Development, Business Management and Infrastructure Management. 

We are a group of senior consultants with extensive experience in both international corporate and SME business environments.    Based in Hong Kong, we are able to assist companies with operations throughout the Asia Pacific region and particularly those engaged in business with North America and Europe.

What can Above Limited do for you?

We provide a full range of business consulting services in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Business Communications and Development, Business Management and Infrastructure Management.

Why Above Limited?

Having many years of experience working with both Asian and Western business environments of both corporate and SME’s, we are able to effectively bridge the two business cultures.  Working at the interface provides us with an insight into the business perspectives of both groups.  Extensive experience in the international corporate as well as startup and SME environment gives us a unique understanding of the expectations and differences of large international companies as well as those companies looking to become large.   

Please refer to our services description to review details of the business consulting services that Above Limited can provide your company.


Contact Information

Telephone:         +852-2577-7500

Fax:                     +852-3012-1223

Information:     info@AboveLimited.com
Webmaster:     webmaster@AboveLimited.com


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